Jul 12, 2010

i've been having a several serious talking with some friends about relationship.
and i don't know is it right or not. 
but i feel that my act to not putting hope to your partner while you in some relationship,  
it's kinda make it easier for you to go through.

some friends said, conflict make your relationship go stronger.
but i don't like drama. is it make mine weak?

some friends said, the relationship between you and your partner is like gambling.
but i found gambling is useless and wasting time. is it make mine wasting time too?

lately, a lot of my friends is having a hard time at their relationship. some of them even break up.
i'm very devastated to hear all of it. and also make me feel hesitation on everything.

so now, i choose not to putting a big hope on my relationship.
i'm too scared to get hurts in the end.
so i don't care people telling me that i'm sort of lack of communication person or flat person. 
it just the preventive way how to deal with the word 'end'.
if it happy ending, so i'm blessed. if it not, it's ok.

in the end, everyone have their own ways, their own choices to avoiding getting hurt.

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